Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Move Over Katie Couric

Many of my Facebook friends read a "statue update" of mine lately where I said:

"I find it hilarious that my 6 year old reads the newspaper while eating her breakfast before school. She has the most serious look on her face."

Several people commented that I needed to take a picture of that. I don't think they believe that a 6 year old would actually read the newspaper. After all, newspaper readership has been increasingly on the decline since the birth of the internet. I could give you a bunch of statistics on newspaper readership (remember--until July 2009 I was in the marketing/PR/advertising world--I know what I'm talking about), just let me just say that 18-49 year olds aren't really reading the newspaper as their main news source. Maybe there's a new trend emerging in newspaper demographics.
(I swear, I did not pose her for that pic. When she sees me coming with my camera she starts cheesing it up and posing. I had to be very stealth to get this pic).

It doesn't matter, I have a 6 year old who likes to read the paper. Yes, the first section she reads is the Comics, but then she moves on to the hard news sections, often spelling a word that she doesn't know and asking what it is.

As silly as it sounds, I'm proud of my little 6 year old for reading the newspaper. Some might think this is the foreshadowing of girl who's going to be nerdy. But I bet no one will call Meredith Vieira, Diane Sawyer, Ann Curry or Katie Couric a nerd.

I shouldn't find this surprising, after all, she is the product of a mother who has a degree in Journalism. And WM's mom has said that he used to do the same thing. Maybe it comes naturally.

Katie Couric? Watch out Katie Couric....there's a new Katie in "news" town!


MommaAmma said...

Too cute! I love this Katie to bits! She is such a doll. And I love this post and title very much!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Its cute, but I also think its wonderful. Not many grownup, as you write about, read the paper anymore.

Kathleen said...

What a smarty pants. You are well on your way to raising responsible citizens and I don't think much compares to that in life.

Anonymous said...

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