Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Gross Answer

I really haven't put any thought into what my post would be about today because I've been too busy basking in the sun of my reign as the newly crowned Queen of the Gross.  So I thought I'd give you my answer to yesterday's completely disgusting What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday question.  I admit that I was proud that a few of you actually answered it.  It was just SO gross.  Like I've said I'm a germaphobe, so it was tough for me to post it.  But here's my answer:

I would lick the floor.

I know that sounds completely disgusting, but I think that I could find a teeny tiny remote spot on the floor that wasn't completely gross then I'd stick my tongue out and barely, barely, barely touch it to the floor.  And that would be it.

But chewing other people's gum--that sickens me.  There's just something about putting something in my mouth that has been chewed by someone else and has their saliva all over it...uck.  And then add the whole stuck on the handrail with all those nasty, unwashed hands touching it.  No thank you.  (and haven't you read those reports that show that handrails are dirtier than toilets/bathrooms).

There you have it.

Our gross-out lesson is over.  Thank you very much.

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Baloney said...

Ok, that is the exact answer and reasoning I was really thinking.