Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Name that Photo Contest!

It's been awhile since I've had a contest on this 'ol blog.  I'd say we're about due, wouldn't you?  

You know the rules***:
1.  Look at the photo
2.  Leave me your clever response in the 'comments'
3.  Sit and hopefully wait for me to choose your answer
4.  Come back and visit again soon to see if you won

Simple as that.

I usually give away Starbucks gift cards, but since that's not a very original idea or appealing prize during these HOT summer days (though it would be to me), I'm going to up the ante.  How 'bout a $5 gift card to...to...oh, I know!  Sonic!  A gift card to Sonic!  (they have really good pina colada slushes).  Hey, $5 at Sonic can go a long way...Happy Hour, people!

Here's the photo (I know what she's doing in this pic, but I'm not telling):

Name it!
Winner will be announced on Thursday (or maybe Friday).  
***Contest ends tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 7:00 p.m.***


Mandie said...

This book will do just fine. Now, off to the potty.

Doreen said...

Ok here's my favorite book to take with me to the potty...ut oh...oh no I'm not gonna make it...gotta hurry!!!

Weather Man said...

Dammit Patrick--I am gonna beat you over the head with this book!

cherikaberry said...

Uh oh, now I know what Daddy means when he says, "I just read a very "moving story".

nick04 said...

"Mommy! Pretend I'm daddy and this is my golf club. FORE!!!...uh, oh!"

MommaAmma said...

Do dee do dee dooo...just casually reading this book people. Nothing warm in my pants. Who could be mad at a studious young darling like me?