Monday, June 22, 2009

Splish Splash

Today we made an very impromptu stop at the new park/splash pad.  Our city really did a nice job with this park.  It was a raggedy, run down old park but over the winter they wiped the slate clean and now we have a sparkling new, fun park with a splash pad added.  Good job on this one, Tulsa.

Since I haven't posted any photos in about a week, I decided to post a few pics of our morning of splish splashing.  Let me give this disclaimer...we were quite the ragamuffin group...we were NOT planning on being out in public this morning.  But it didn't matter--what you wear doesn't determine your amount of fun! (However, I did make the kids run to the far side of the park when our local NBC affiliate showed up with their TV cameras.  I was NOT going to let the kiddos or myself be seen on camera looking like we did).

Here we go...keeping cool on a hot summer day... 

(oh, one other disclaimer, sorry for the quality of the photos...these were taken with my iPhone, not my big camera, get what you get).

Josie spent much of the time sitting on this rock with her piggy toes in the water singing.  In this particular photo she was singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

Ah--refreshing cool water.  On that note...if you are reading this from Oklahoma, please use the brain that God gave you and don't do anything silly and get overheated (like mowing or exercising in the middle of the day).

Happy Monday!!


MommaAmma said...

Cute photos! Some day I'm going to pick up on the free spray ground idea. There are a bunch in our area and we've never done it. I'm sure it's much better than a $40 pool trip where one of us has to bare skin and hold him the whole time in 3 feet of water! :o)

Baloney said...

I think your iPhone takes pretty good pics!