Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday

Hold on to your stomachs girls (and boys)...this week's edition of What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday is grosses me out to the core, but my pre-teen niece and nephew were having this discussion, so I had to put it out we go...(I can't believe the germaphob in me is asking this)....

What Would You Rather Do?

Lick the floor of a dirty public bathroom


Chew previously chewed gum that was stuck on a NYC subway hand rail.

BLECK--is that gross or what?

But what would you rather do???

I'll give you my answer tomorrow.


Weather Man said...

I truly think my wife has lost it.

Alyssa: said...

Come on Weather Man! What would you do???

Kathleen said...

I can't even answer this because it makes me think of doing it. Gross, gross, gross! However, I do think it's funny that you posted this. :-)

MommaAmma said...

Fine, I'll play along.

I'd chew the gum.

Just a couple chews though. Hopefully it won't have feces on it like the floor most likely would. And the person probably has teeth and if it is whitening gum even better, they might be somewhat sanitary. But I'm not touching Juicy Fruit, you just know that belongs to a working girl. How's that for reasoning?

nick04 said...

No question the gum. With the gum, there is a chance that the worst thing is that it was in someone else' mouth. With the bathroom floor, there's no silver lining.

And didn't Buddy turn out ok when he chewed all that gum. (That's for you MommaAmma and Alyssa).

Baloney said...

You would have to force me to do either of those. I can't think of any reason I would agree to do either of them. I'm an extreme germaphobe, though.

Viva Cuervo said...

Oh Lam, what are you thinking?! Gross is an understatement. I like MommaAmma's reasoning, so I'll choose the gum. And, now I feel the need to go brush my teeth.