Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swimming Pool Confessions

You won't believe what I bought yesterday. I can't believe what I bought yesterday. Even last night when I got home, I took it out of the bag and laid it on the bed and just stood there staring at it, shaking my head. What have I done? I mean, it was a great sale, but...but...what have I done??

I'm throwing all caution to the wind and (literally) jumping in the pool feet first.

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone...BIG TIME!

For the first time since giving birth to 3 babies within 5 years 2002, I'm going to wear one of these to the pool tomorrow.

(this is not me).

A bikini! YIPES! (I've been a tankini girl for the past 6 years--more coverage, you know).

(Deep breaths--you can do it).

I have not exposed my belly to the public in many, many years. Once upon a time, I had a pretty good bod...which included a flat stomach and big, well, you know...boobies. But now I have a bit of a tire 'round the middle and my you-know-what's have had the life sucked out of them (literally--I breastfed all three babies for at least a year--they are NOT what they used to be). But I'm going to get over it. I've spent the last month checking out all the other moms at the pool and I've decided if they can do it, so can I. So tomorrow I will parade around the pool cower in the corner of the baby pool in my new black bikini feeling like I'm wearing my bra and underwear in public. (Thank goodness it was 50% off in the store, I won't feel bad if it ends up in my drawer for the rest of time).

I'm going to be like the Little Engine That Could..."I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...."

Wish me luck! (betcha I chicken out and put the tankini back on).

Here's my answer to yesterday's What Would You Rather Do? question:

This one was SO easy for me...I had to give it absolutely no thought. When I posted the question yesterday, I already knew my answer. I would definitely rather see into the future. Many reasons...I could protect my family and myself from hurt, etc. I could comfort and prepare people better knowing what was in store for them, I could be ahead of the fashion curve (that would just be a fun perk, huh)? But mostly, I wouldn't want to hear the hurtful things people were thinking about me and my family and my friends/loved ones. And hearing all those thoughts all the time...that would sure be a lot of noise in my head.


MommaAmma said...

Yea bikini! If you get weird looks, know it's because they are thinking "hmm, maybe I can wear one too!" So don't look scared or you'll freak the rest of the one piece, tankini, cover up dress wearing mommas out!

So I guess it is universal that no one wants to hear bad stuff about themselves and the ones they love. That would make me cry. A lot! Espeically if I was wearing a bikini. (But remember, my navel is outward bound and I have ingrown hairs on my tummy from the friction--tmi).

Now go have fun at the pool with your kiddos!

Baloney said...

If I had your bod (even NOW) I would wear a bikini. I'd like a bathing suit with a long skirt please.

Weird how you and I think alike. I'm not sure that is a good thing!