Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday

I finally finished the Twilight series about a month ago, so I decided that today's What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday will have a Twilight feel to it.

That being said...Would you rather....

Be able to see into the future


Be able to read people's minds/thoughts

Let me know what you'd rather do...I'll give you my answer tomorrow! (this is an easy one for me, I had to give it very little thought).

Stay cool and happy Wednesday!


MommaAmma said...

Oh now that's a good one! And hard! I would truly pick neither!

I want to live for the day and kind of like the mystery of other people's thoughts.

If I had an on/off switch I would pick "read other's thoughts" and use it on Nip and B. Oh, and dogs! I always want to know what they are thinking!

nick04 said...

That's easy! Read other people's thought/minds. In a way, you could could control the future if you knew what everyone was thinking.

Baloney said...

I'd rather see the future.
I really don't want to know all of the horrible things people think - especially if they are about ME!
I'd rather be blissfully unaware.