Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday

This What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday questions come via WM. This is for the girls (as if there's many dudes reading my blog). Here we go...

Would you rather...

Marry a super hot, super rich guy who treats you horribly and is a real jerk


Marry a super ugly, super poor guy who treats you wonderfully and is nice to others.

Leave me your answer in the comments section!!!


Weather Man said...

That's not exactly how I put it--I meant for the gentleman who treats his wife with respect to be average looking not ugly.

MommaAmma said...

Geez this is such a hard question WM! I have a great looking guy who is nice to everyone but I think I'd pick him even if he were average. Or even just plain ugly!

Unless he had missing teeth and smelled like booze, then I might go with the jerk. I'm sure I could beat him into submission.

Viva Cuervo said...

Hopefully, most of your female readers are lucky enough to have the total package: handsome man with a winning personality! I love my husband!

To answer WM's question, I'd pick the "average looking" guy who is nice.

I've always found personality can make a person prettier or uglier. So even if you have a gorgeous guy, if his personality is bad then you're the one stuck with him...not the rest of the world. Why torture yourself.

Baloney said...

The ugly one doesn't smell bad, right? Yeah - I'm picking him. I'm not a fan of jerks.