Thursday, November 6, 2008

Breast Pads

I realize that just by reading the title of this post that I've lost 100% of my male readers and a good chunck of the rest. I know that all the men saw it and their faces got hot--that 'hot' feeling your face gets when you're terrible embarrassed, NOT the 'hot' feeling when you think something is "hot", as in "that chick is hot"--in no way am I suggesting that breast pads are a turn on and make men "hot"--geesh, people. Oh goodness, let's stop before this thing goes too far south. But since I'm a "Baby Machine" and "The Queen of Breastfeeding" (titles that WM has bestowed upon me) to me, talking about breast pads is as normal as men talking about sports.

ANYWAY...back to the post...

When my mom is in town--like she was a few weekends ago--it is a ShopFest. Not so much for me, because I don't really like taking 3 kiddos shopping, but it is for my mom and my sister. Those two will shop for any bargain. That's not my style of shopping...I know what I want, I go to the store, I buy it...who cares if it's on sale or not. If it's a bonus for the day and I go buy myself an extra Starbucks. But, when mom is in town, everyone kids get lots of clothes/shoes/books/other kid items and I usually score one or two things, too. I ended up with a great pair of shoes. They weren't really my size, but I figured they were close enough, I'll make them work. When I tried them on they slipped a bit, but a couple of those shoe insert things and we'd be good to go.

So yesterday I was ready to debut my new shoes. I was all dressed and even put on pantyhose/stockings/nylons/whatever you call them (I call them pantyhose, although I've yet to ever have a pair that actually comes with panties--that cotton material at the crotch doesn't count as panties). When I put on my new shoes they slipped pretty bad, so I thought "I just need another shoe insert, but I don't have one." And I went about getting ready.

While in the bathroom, in the back of the bathroom closet I spotted them, the perfect shoe insert!

A box of breast pads!! After breastfeeding 3 kids for a year (or more) each, I've got quite the stash of breast pads. I've always wondered what I was going to do with them, and now I know!

I stuffed a pair in my shoes and voila! Perfect fit!

You never know what an old box of breast pads might come in handy for! Since my shoe insert discovery, I've been thinking, and here's some of my other ideas...

Ear muffs/warmers--a little peice of elastic and two breast pads...there ya go!
Coasters--they are designed to soak up liquids
Bandage--no reason a little Scotch tape and a breast pad couldn't work as well as Band-Aid brand
Picture frame--just cut a circle in the middle and put in a photo--perfect for dad's office (or maybe not)
Oven mitt/pot holder

Got any other ideas??


MommaAmma said...

We use coffee filters to make pretty pictures for the refridgerator. Can we use breast pads?

That's hilarious! Someone call Lansinoh, we have a new vp of marketing! :oP

I love those shoes! We share the shoe sickness.

Baloney said...

I'm not even going to comment on the bp's. But I will say that I like your style of shopping. The other way takes WAY too much time.