Saturday, November 22, 2008

YOWZA--That Hurts!

Today was Katie's last soccer game. I was so proud of her for completing the season--I wasn't sure it was going to happen. And as I've told you before...I HATE COLD WEATHER!!!! HATE IT!!!! HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT. But, today, I was going to be stonger than the cold and go out and support my girl in her final game (I only missed one game--last week--it was cold and Baby Lam was sick, so we hung out in the car). I got everyone dressed in cold weather appropriate clothing, was saying my warm weather chant to myself (it helps--trust me) and just as I was tying my shoe I heard this....

(Feet running).....


Patrick screaming

Katie: "oh no......MOMMY!"

I'm used to thumps and cries so I just sat in my room and casually said, "what happened Patrick?" And as he walked into my room, before my eyes, I watched my boys forehead morph into something you see in horror flicks. His little head was growing a growth...a.k.a. a "goose egg." Fortunately very little blood was involved...apparently it was all staying under the skin. The poor little guy was unconsolable and his head was hurting...bad.

All is well now, he's fine, he and WM actually ended up going to the TU/Tulane game. He's going to look pretty beat up for the next week or so. I was planning on taking Christmas card photos on Thanksgiving...guess not.

Here's my boy's head...this was taken probably 3 hours later--after much of the swelling went down.
Poor baby...don't you hate it when your little one gets hurt. Even though you know they're going to be fine, it still breaks this mommy's heart.

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MommaAmma said...

That looks painful! Poor boy. Sorry about the Christmas card photos. We planned on the same but now we have a gash to the eyelid after a weekend of BL playing in Ron's shed. I guess it is what should be expected during the 3rd year.