Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Morning Bal-Ti-More!

I think I mentioned last week that Katie's new fav movie is Grease. I can't really tell you how excited I am about this because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE musicals. I love to sing and dance around the house all the time. My kids often just look at me with a quizzical look and say "what are you doing?" It's probably all my years of dancing and being in choir(s), I can't help it, I break out into loud song and dramatical dance all the time. So I am THRILLED that my girl is loving Grease. I'm also thrilled that she doesn't understand at all what most of it is about. Luckily her least favorite song is Grease Lighning (which is one of my favs of the whole movie). I don't think I really need to be explaining what a p---y wagon is to a 5 year old. I am, however, a little concerned that she might be singing it on the playground at school. Surely I would've heard about it by now--being that she goes to private Catholic school and all--I bet they wouldn't let that fly. I remember my sister and I roller skating in our basement to that song and singing the lyrics loudly--obviously we didn't know what we were singing...but I bet my mom was upstairs saying "Oh, Lordy...my sweet innocent girls." (Notice...the loud singing and dancing began at a young age).

So I got even more excited when the movie Hairspray came on yesterday and Katie exclaimed "Mommy, I love this movie!" I can't figure out if it's all musicals that she likes or if it's 50s/60s inspired musical. Either way, I don't care--LET'S SING AND DANCE!!!!!

WM just rolls his eyes at us.

I thought I was safe on naughty lyrics (none, really in Hairspray) and having to dance around the sexual references but I was not prepared for this question from her...

"Mommy, why can't the brown people dance with the white people?"

"Uhhhhh....errrrr.....well.....ummmm....LET'S SING AND DANCE!!!"

Then I tried to explain it in a way a 5 year old might be able to understand. And this is what she said.

"Huh, well, that's dumb. I guess people weren't very smart back before we were born."

God Bless her little heart...don't you wish you could keep our children so innocent and forgiving forever?



"Good Morning Bal-ti-more!"


Susie said...

Have you introduced her to Annie yet? My Fave musical! I can't wait to sing Tomorrow with Anna...I have it on VHS - send Katie over!!!

Weather Man said...

What a handsome young man:(