Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Silly Ol Sally

Many have been asking about our puppy Sally. She's not so much of a puppy anymore, as much as a gawky, long legged teenager. I thought I'd give you a quick update on our girl.

1. She's wild and still runs around like a crazed lunatic with random backyard toys in her mouth. If it's left in the yard--it's fair game.

2. We could feed that girl a 20lb. bag of dog food a day and she'd still be skinny as a rail. Everyone, including my BIL, the Vet, says she'll gain weight. It's just how puppies are.

3. We think we were mistaken on what her breed is. She's definitely mostly lab, but she's starting to show signs of having some type of Setter in her.

4. She's great with the kiddos. She gets super spazzy excited when we first come out, but then she settles down and lets the kids play with her. Baby Lam is especially fond of her.

Lots of hugs....

And kisses.

"Are you getting ready to take a bunch of pictures of me?"

"Seriously, it's annoying. Stop."

"Hey! Look over there! There's Lucy...go take pictures of her!"

"I'm going to ignore you so you won't start taking pictures of me, too." (Thanks, Lucy...you're a real helper).
"Heeeeeeyyyyyyyy, why did you quit taking pictures of me? I was just kidding. I'll act cute, I promise!"


Susie said...

She's so pretty!! I love pics of kids & pets!! I might have to blog on that...hmmm...

Baloney said...

I especially love that last picture. HOW CUTE IS SHE?! And yes - anything left out is fair game. I just found a giant but deflated beach ball in our back yard. Lots of half eaten plastics as well - do not know their origin.