Sunday, November 9, 2008

Make A Wish

Happy Birthday to WM!

Today is his birthday!

Since the day I met him he is a firm believer in not celebrating--or really even mentioning--his birthday. So I spend the whole day feeling guilty that I don't have any great gifts, delicious dinner or special plans. But I know that if I did these things it would make him irritated. And we DON'T need that!!! So, we laid low today. His only request was that instead of a cake he wanted me to make banana bread with mini M&M's. So that's what we stuck candles in and sang Happy Birthday.

Love ya, WM! I'm glad there's a November 9th--because if there wasn't, then there wouldn't be a you. And your kiddos think it's fun to celebrate daddy's birthday.
Here he his blowing out the candles on his birthday bread.

Oh--and to clarify--about my bathtub post. WM was busy putting Baby Lam to bed, that's why he couldn't address Patrick's needs--people have been asking. :)


Susie said...

Happy b-day WM! I am glad there is a Nov 9, too. Otherwise there wouldn't be a Katie, P & Baby Lam!!

MommaAmma said...

Happy Birthday WM! Don't forget your colonoscopy and prostate exams. (Sorry, Nip's not the only "youngest child" and I've been preconditioned for such comments. I'm really sorry!)

Baloney said...

He must be insane to skip the cake. What is wrong with him?