Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ok, so I guess I need to clarify things a little bit. I guess there was some confusion on my comments about KU v. K-State. So let me put it this way.

K-State provided a better education FOR ME. I needed to go to a university where professors, academic counselors, TA's, etc. were more approachable and willing to help me. Would I have received this at KU? I don't know, maybe so. But all I knew and what I had to base my decision on, was what happened to my sister when she needed help when she was attending KU. (She ended up doing fine, by the way). But that's what I had to go on when deciding between the two. I knew I didn't have the aggressive personality it was going to take to succeed like I wanted to in college. So...I, me, got a better education at K-State because the environment fit my personality better.

WM knows that I'm a KU fan, too. He just likes to stir the pot...because I wasn't giving him the reaction he was wanting when he was taunting me this weekend. :)

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