Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What a Bunch of Nothin'

I wish I was one of those people who had organized thoughts...could start and finish a sentence and it make complete sense. But I'm not. Well...I kind of am...the thoughts are in my head, they are brilliant, well organized, sometimes even quite cleaver, the problem is they are interrupted by various outside sources. I can't tell you how many times I've started a conversation with WM and I always end up side tracked or something and he's saying "finish your story." It happens a lot. I think it frustrates him. I know it does. Oh well, it's the best I can do.

In the spirit of that statement, today's post will just be a bunch of random, half thoughts. Here goes.


You would think that since I have two girls that I know what to do with little girl hair. But I'm struggling here, people, and my precious, cute little Baby Lam looks like an Appalachian child most days (sorry for all of you lovers of eastern Kentucky, Tennessee and West Viriginia). I've made a promise to myself not to cut Baby Lam's bangs because I made that mistake when Katie was little and it's been a nightmare ever since--we're still in the process of growing out her bangs. My Katie has had some B-A-D hair cuts in her short little life. My problem is Baby Lam--she won't leave in a pony tail, bow, hair clip--nothing! What's a mama like me supposed to do? This is what she looks like most of the time.
Her hair hanging in her cute little face.

Someone, please, tell me what to do! (and don't tell me to cut her bangs--I'm not doing it)!


4:00 a.m.--Really?

I come from a long line of hunters. My grandpa was a hunter, my dad is a hunter, both my brothers--and I married one, too. Now, these fellas aren't those weirdo red-neck type hunters. They have a refined taste in hunting and only hunt pheasants, ducks and quail. As a matter of fact, my dad used to take us hunting with him when we were little. I can't think of a more miserable experience than sitting in a duck blind at 6:00 a.m. in -3827 degree weather, or stomping through the snow to "flush up" a flock of pheasants. But I've done it and even though it was, like, 25+ years ago, I remember it vividly and how much I hated it. But--it was the cold thing I had a problem with. I knew I'd hate cold weather at a young age. Now that I'm grown, I secretly think my dad was using us kids in place of a good hunting dog (even though we had the best dog this side of...of...of...eastern Kentucky.

But here is my question of the day...why do hunters have to get up at 4:00 a.m. to go hunting (Like WM did this morning)? It's not like you can see anything before sunrise...especially birds.

Just wondering.



Look who I got to hang out with for about an hour this morning.

I'm not joking, I did. I had to go out to Channel 8 today (the local ABC affiliate for all you non-Tulsans) and these guys were going on the morning show, too. So we hung out in the 'green room'--although it's not an official green room--it's their conference room. Anyway, these guys are in town for a couple nights doing a show at the BOK. They were nice Brits--had on TONS of stage make up, but they were nice. It is a little distracting to talk to dudes who have on 10 times as much make up as you have on (I kept wanting to blend in their make up and say "you have a make up line", but I knew they wouldn't understand and just think I was wierd). The dude who plays Frank Sinatra was playing the role...he was interested in the ladies (his back up singers who were there). The station was definitely all a-buzz because of these guys. But I had a nice conversation with "Sammy" (who is American).


Hey--ever since you read the words "West Viriginia" up there in paragraph 2 or 3 you've been singing that John Denver song, haven't you..."West Virigina, mountain mama, country road, take me home."

Yes you have, don't lie to yourself.

And if you weren' you are now! ;)


Susie said...

Girl, I second the whole not able to complete a thought thing! I am BRAIN-LESS since the birth of my first child. I can't even complete a task anymore. Probably because I am always doing a minimum of 10 tasks at any given time.

My advice on the hair - just keep trying with the ponytails! She will eventually give least that's the theory I am going with...Anna's 3 and sometimes still pulls them out. Oh well. Stay strong and just say NO to bangs!! (Just remember when Katie's bangs got to the point where they were starting in the middle of her head!)

MommaAmma said...

How about kid gel? She'll look like the 4th member of the Rat Pack.
Nip only hunts at the cabin so I don't care what time he gets up, doesn't wake me and I get to watch all my dvr'ed (v) chick flicks. Brit Frank is kind of creepy and I agree, totally needs to blend.
I can't stand John Denver so thanks for getting that song in my head. Oh, what do you care, you were distracted 3 sentences ago and stopped reading!