Friday, November 7, 2008

A Nice Warm Bath...Nothin' Better to Wrap Up the Day

I love to take long, hot baths. Especially in the fall/winter, but I also take them in the warm months of the year. But it's been awhile since I've taken a loooooong, hot bath, the kind where it turns the skin bright red and fingers and toes are pruned because you've been soaking for 30+ minutes. I took lots of those long baths in the weeks that followed the birth of my each of my babies. WM knew it was the only time I would have to myself in those new days of motherhood and would graciously rock, bounce, walk with a screaming baby who wanted nothing but mommy and her boobie. Those bath days weren't relaxing--listening to my crying baby on the other side of the door--but it was nice to just sit there and be by myself. Since it's been a little more chilly the last two days, I decided to indulge myself tonight. And it went a little something like this...

(Keep in mind that all dialog is through a closed and locked bathroom on the inside, everyone else directly outside the bathroom door).

8:00 p.m.
Me (to the kiddos and WM): "I'm going to take a bath"
Them: (no response--total ignoring of me).

8:02 p.m.
I get in the bathtub.

8:02 and 15 seconds p.m.
Baby Lam standing outside the bathroom door screaming and banging on the door

8:05 p.m.
Baby Lam still standing and crying outside the bathroom door (so much for relaxing)

8:06 p.m.
WM gets Baby Lam and starts putting her to bed--ahhhh, peace and quiet, try to relax.

8:06 and 30 seconds p.m.
Patrick: "Mommy, will you get me a 'Pri Sun?" (That's how he says Capri Sun)
Me: "When I get out of the bathtub"

8:06 and 40 seconds p.m.
Patrick: "Mommy, I still need a 'Pri Sun, can you hand me the one in there."
Me: "No, I'll get it when I get out of the bath"

8:06 p.m. and 45 seconds p.m.
Patrick: "Mommy, hand me that one in there"
Me: "Patrick, there aren't Capri Suns in the bathroom"
Patrick: "Yes, I put one in there"
Me (noticing one sitting on the sink): (sighing loudly, getting out the bath and opening the door so a huge blast of cold air invades the nice toasty bathroom I've created): "Here...go finishing watching the movie"
Patrick: "I love you, mommy"
Me: "I love you, too, sweet pea"

Feeling guilty for being annoyed at my sweet boy who loves me, I immerse myself back into the warm water.

8:07 p.m.
Patrick: "Will you fix this?"
Me: "What?"
Patrick: "This..."
Me: "What Patrick, I can't see what you're talking about"
Patrick: (exasperated) "THIS"
Me: "Patrick, when I get out of the bath"

8:07 and 5 seconds p.m.
Patrick: (sliding a broken plastic ruler under the bathroom door): "THIS...will you fix this?"
Me: "I can't fix that, it's broken"
Patrick: "But I need it"
Me: "I'll tape it up when I get out of the bath"
Patrick: "Ok.........(long pause)'re taking a bath?"
Me: "Yes, I'll be out in a minute"

I sit there for 30 seconds waiting for the next interruption, and just as I let my guard down and start to relax my muscles and slide a little deeper into the water...

8:07 and 35 seconds p.m.
Patrick: "Mommy?"
Me: (not answering)
Patrick: "Mommy?"
Me: (not answering)
Patrick: "Momm......"
Me: "WHAT?"
Patrick: "I need another 'Pri Sun"

8:08 p.m.
I exit the bathroom fully dressed and ready for bed.

And that, my friends, is why it's not even worth to try anymore. I guess I'll stick with my morning speed showers.

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Baloney said...

I can't even lock the door to my bathroom because it's not worth it. I usually start a movie for Jacob before I get in and that (sometimes) works. Don't give up!! Why didn't you tell Patrick to go get WM?