Sunday, November 30, 2008

...And the Turkey was Good, too.

I meant to do a couple posts over the Thanksgiving holiday, but as it always happens, time just gets away. I'm not so sure time got away or if I was just too busy eating myself into oblivion. Goodness gracious I had some good food over the past week! I'm on such a sugar high that I have to keep baking and creating goodies so I don't come crashing down and do something eat a whole pie in one setting (I could do that, really, I could).

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving here are some things I'm thankful for:

1. First and precious, precious family. I really am the luckiest wife and mommy to be blessed with such an awesome family.

My family.

2. My extended family. I love my family and my in-law family. Again, what a lucky girl I am!

This is WM's side of our family. This is the crew we spent Thanksgiving with...we always have such a great time together.

3. My friends. These are the people who put up with my nonsense and still like me...not because they are my family, and have to like me. They just do. I have the best friends around.

4. This is going to sound ridiculous...but in the spirit of #3, I'm thankful for Facebook because it's allowed me to reconnect with some of my dear, dear old friends from college. My good ol days as a sorority girl. These are friends of mine who I've lost contact with but have wondered about and prayed for over the years. I'm so glad that we've reconnected and can now share this new chapter of our lives as wives/mommies/professionals/etc. Plus Facebook allows me to be even more silly with my current friends and family.

5. My church(es). I know that sounds weird. Most people belong to one church. Technically I'm on the membership roles of three churches. But only two get to see me on a weekly (or regular) basis.

6. My job...I love my full time job as a mommy and my part-time job as a marketing/PR person. I have a great boss, great co-workers, great place to work. Sometime I'll do a whole blog on my job.

I have many, many other things I'm thankful for, but I won't bore you with them. I'm just thankful that I can get up every morning in a warm home and put food on the table for my family...I'm thankful that even though my children make a mess of our home that they are healthy and happy. There are many people out there who don't have homes, food or health. There are many mommies out there who are holding their sick children praying their pain away and wondering if they have the strength for another day.

So on the days when I don't think I can't stand to pick up one more doll or Hot Wheels or complain about making dinner or whine about having nothing to wear...I will remember those who would love to have those things be their problems...and be thankful for what I've been blessed with. Will you do that, too, please? It's kind of a 'positive attitude pay-it-forward.' Let's all be thankful.

Whew...that was deeper than I had planned.

Can you believe tomorrow is Dec. 1! YIKES! I don't have one Christmas present bought yet! So that's my question for much Christmas shopping do you have done?


MommaAmma said...

I only have to buy BL the lizzard. He's covered otherwise. I have $95 left to spend on Nick (I know this is lame but we're sticking to it this year!) I still have to get the nephews, neice, sister, dad, teachers, co-workers, MIL, FIL, SFIL, and SMIL's presents. The plan is to do it all in one weekend.

Baloney said...

I got online yesterday and bought the wish list items for my boys. I think I just have a few more people to buy for? I don't really know. Have to get organized!
If you had bought a nosepicker mug you would have one thing checked off your list (only joking).