Monday, November 24, 2008

My Monday Mumbles; Part 9032

Here's another addition of My Monday Mumbles. A.k.a...just a bunch of random nothingness....

This weekend was nice...Katie's last soccer game...she got a trophy and was so proud of herself. I was proud of her. I missed the final game because of the accident with Patrick--who is doing fine, but has a nice red gash and developing bruise.

I went to see Twilight with Baloney and some new friends. I haven't read the book, so I was going in with fresh eyes. I really liked it. I'm going to read the book now. Thanks Baloney for the invite--I had a great time and loved the movie!!


I'm in the midst of a baking marathon....Thanksgiving baking to do....preschool is having a bake tomorrow........Girl Scout meeting tomorrow. I'll be up 'til midnight baking.


This is my favorite thing that happened today...I'll put it in dialog format:

Katie: Mommy, you need that.
Me: What?
Katie: Rewind, I'll show you
(I back up the tv show we're watching)
Katie: STOP--that, you need that
Me: What is it?
Katie: It's stuff for your eyes, it says it makes them look young
Me: Why do I need that?
Katie: So your eyes will look young
Me: Do my eyes look old?
Katie: (pausing) yeah......kind of

Nice...I know that I'm aging everytime I look in the mirror. Now my 5-year-old who is supposed to love me unconditionally is telling me I need to buy some beauty product that will make me look younger. She does love me unconditionally...but I don't want to hear it from her that I'm looking old. Grrrrrrr!

I think what concerns me even more is that she listened to the ad and acted on it. I worry about what society is going to implant into her innocent little brain. When she's 15 is she going to think she's fat or needs a boob job, etc. because a TV ad said so?

I think we need less TV.


VOTE for Kim and Warren (Dancing with the Stars). Even if you don't watch the show, just vote for them. Go to and vote. They're not going to win...but let's give 'em a shot!


Happy Monday--I gotta go bake now. Tomorrow's post should be better!

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Baloney said...

Glad you liked the movie! I wasn't sure if you did.
Did you start the book yet?

Don't listen to your daughter. You don't look at day over 43.